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Air Arabia : Supervisor – Security & Emergency Response (Abu Dhabi)

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Date:  01-May-2021
Company:  Air Arabia Abu Dhabi (3L)
Location:  Abu Dhabi, AE

Job Purpose

Nominated as the “Post Holder”, the Manager- Safety and ERP is the approved party by the GCAA to implement, maintain and develop the Air Arabia Safety Management System (SMS) and to promote safety awareness and accident prevention methods throughout the organization whilst ensuring that the prevention of flight accidents is the Company’s priority. Reports safety performance and arising issues to the Accountable Manager and records actions as per Company’s approved standards.

Key Result Responsibilities

  1. Acts on behalf of the GCEO to develop, implement and manage safety policies, procedures and manuals in accordance with GCAA rules and regulations and Company’s approved standard procedures.
  2. Implements, manages and develops Air Arabia Safety Management System (SMS) as well as the Safety Management System Manual (SMSM) ensuring both are managed, maintained and updated in accordance with GCAA and Company’s standards.
  3. Creates “Safety Cultural Awareness” through proactively acting to promote for safety system and accident prevention methods across the entire company with focus on risk management, prediction of possible safety hazards, prevention of flight accidents, as well as on human factors considerations.
  4. Applies Air Arabia’s (SMSM) agreed procedures to lead investigations of any incidents that affect the safety of the company, its employees, customers and assets; this includes but not limited to emergencies, AOGs, accidents and flight occurrences.
  5. Ensures that all company’s employees are educated on safety measures, and its assets, facilities and equipment are managed and maintained as per approved safety standards and that all HSE in the company support the safety measures implemented.
  6. Develops, analyzes and utilizes the Company’s Flight Data Monitoring System (FDMS) in coordination with Stakeholders as appropriate to address risks related to flights operation. Compiles and analyzes information from FDMS and Safety reports to recommend Safety action plans and corrective measures within the Company.

7. Identifies safety issues and addresses to concerned parties in proper channel for timely action and appropriate corrective measure all in line with GCAA regulations and Company’s policies and procedures related to safety measures.

8. Reports safety performance and any arising safety issues to the “ Accountable Manager” regularly ensuring proper recording of needed actions in line with agreed standards and practice.

9. Maintains Air Arabia Emergency Response Plan (ERP) in accordance with GCAA requirements and Company’s ERP Manual.  Ensures Emergency plan exercises are periodically carried out as per the SMS requirements.

10. Evaluates, decides on and communicates safety related information within the company to ensure all employees, managers as well as 03rd parties are updated and informed with required safety measures,  findings, and action plans when and as needed.

11. Acts as the “Secretary for the internal Safety Review Board (SRB), coordinates meetings, agenda and follows up on decisions accordingly. 

12. Chairs the Safety Action Group (SAG) meetings; updates the senior management with decisions and actions resulting from those meeting whilst closely following up on actions implemented.

13. Represents the Air Arabia external meetings on all safety related matters such as those with Civil Aviation Authorities (DCA & GCAA).

Qualifications (Academic, training, languages)

  •  Bachelor degree in Aviation/Engineering/Management or equivalent; alternately a diploma or certificate in the related field from a recognized university or institute combined with needed experience and exposure.
  • Training certificates in SMS and Human Factors from a recognized safety training institute.
  • Must have attended Appropriate Government/ IATA Aviation Safety Course for Safety Managers.
  • Skilled report writing is required to ensure that complex reports are properly and clearly described.
  • Project Management certificate or alternately the proven corresponding working experience is a must.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office.
  • Fluent in English Language.

Work Experience

  • 10 years of experience in the Aviation/Airlines industry,
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in Safety department in a similar capacity.
  • A sound knowledge of Safety Measures and procedures adopted in Aviation.
  • Has extensive knowledge and exposure on Civil Aviation Authorities; familiar with rules and regulations of CAA pertaining to Safety, policies, procedures, manuals, etc.
  • Experienced in leading teams with heavy work-load schedules and ad-hoc scenarios.
  • Very good knowledge and exposure on airline and Flight Operations formalities and standard regulations; good understanding of operations staff’ thought process.
  • Very good knowledge and working exposure to Safety Audit/Quality Assurance practices.
  • Demonstrates high accuracy and attention to both results and details.
  • Ability to express ideas and concepts clearly.
  • Possesses effective problem solving and decision making skills.
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