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Latest Jobs Vacancies At Air Arabia

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Jobs Vacancies at Air Arabia Sharjah. Air Arabia is North Africa and the Middle East’s biggest and first Low Cost Carrier, flying customers to more than 120 destinations across North Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Offering reliability, comfort and good value for money, this carrier makes finding affordable travel easy for millions of passengers. As a major employer within the airline industry, this company offers plenty of employment opportunities within a number of areas in its organization. If you are looking for jobs vacancies at Air Arabia (Sharjah), you will find that there are plenty of roles to apply for, suited to both experienced candidates and those who are trying to get their foot on the first rung of the career ladder.

What Types Of Jobs Vacancies At Air Arabia (Sharjah) Are There?

There are vacancies listed across several areas within this organization. Some of the key employment areas where you can find advertised roles include:

Cabin Crew-Pilots-Cargo-Customer Service-Marketing-Flight Dispatch-Call Center-Security-Technical Instruction-Engineering-Information Technology-Management-Flight Operations-Finance

While some of these roles are obviously only suited to experienced candidates, some positions are open to those who have no previous experience. For example, those who are applying for a post as cabin crew are not necessarily required to have previously worked in a similar industry.

What Kind Of Skills Are Required For Jobs At Air Arabia?

The kind of skills that are required when applying for jobs vacancies at Air Arabia (Sharjah) will obviously vary from role to role, with some posts demanding extensive experience in a similar field as well as relevant industry specific qualifications. For example, to be employed as a manager with Air Arabia, candidates are required to have a minimum of 8 years prior experience in management and to hold a relevant degree. However, other jobs have less demanding requirements. For example, when applying for a position as cabin crew, the only educational requirement is to have a good level of secondary education. There are, however, other criteria which may need to be met by applicants including restrictions as to height, swimming ability, medical health, tattoos, weight and age, and potential candidates must ensure that they can meet all of the essential criteria before applying for the post. Other important skills which are necessary for most positions at Air Arabia include a good command of the English language in both spoken and written forms, and the ability to speak other languages is also an advantage. Good customer service skills are also very important for many roles within this company as are good interpersonal skills and appropriate presentation.

List of latest jobs :

Trainer – Ground Operations Sharjah, AE
B2 – Certifying Engineer, Sharjah (UAE) Sharjah, AE
B1 – Certifying Engineer, Sharjah (UAE) Sharjah, AE
Product & Inflight Services Officer Sharjah, AE
Coordinator – Technical Records (Fly Jinnah) Karachi,PK
Paralegal (Sharjah) Sharjah, AE
Paralegal (Sharjah) Sharjah, AE
Call Center Agent – Inbound (Temporary) Sharjah, AE
Cabin Crew (UAE) 2022 MA
Para Counsel MA
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